Natural material Material property Rectangle Tints and shades Composite material

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle tire Synthetic rubber

Automotive tire Grey Handwriting Synthetic rubber Tread

Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Grille

Grey Font Automotive design Rectangle Pattern

Handwriting Font Rectangle Paper Paper product
Finger Gas Natural material Wrist Bumper
Fashion design Personal protective equipment Sportswear Fictional character Carmine

Front Flares - $600
Front Flare Extensions - $500
Rear Flare - $700
Rear Flare Extensions - $500
Front Fender Panel L&R - $1000
Curved Reflectors OEM pair - $100
Side Skirts - $300
Plastic Wheel well / Inner Fender / Splash Sheild Set - $250
Bumper Splash Sheild

Will ship if we call or FaceTime before hand. If someone wants the whole kit make an offer
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle