Hello all I have sold my hellcat and upgraded to a redeye. Part listed below buyer pays shipping
Sold Mopar 2.62 diff 400
sold Fic 1000cc 500.00 obo
Fic 1200 cc 700.00 obo
Fore inovasion dual fuel pump with harness 900.00
Afe momentum from pro 400.00
Kooks catless mids 400.00 one has a minor bend)
Ati 10% lower pully with pin 400
Metco 2.65 upper 175
I made 910 to the wheel with these mods on corn (E85)
would like to sell whole 3000.00 with1200cc injectors
Or 2800 with 1000cc
Inalso habe a rear diff with 6k mikes selling 350.00 2:62 stock ratio