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Parts Hauler / Pick up truck

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Pulled the trigger on an awesome little Chevy C10 muscle pick up. Just a little something to take off the trash and haul parts and stuff around. Looks really clean and has a stout mildly built 350 small block in it. Good little thumper of a cam, TH auto trans with a 2500 stall. Headers and full custom exhaust, with electronic cutouts. Camaro front clip helps the handling nicely. Sounds great and runs great too. The body is darn near perfect. Just needs a few small things done (its stuff I will enjoy doing myself). Needs a new speedometer cable/adapter, and gonna add factory style AC system. Then a custom Audio system. It was born an air conditioned car, so the install will be pretty straightforward. Im already in love with it! And yes I am keeping the new Super Stock on order as my primary muscle cruiser.


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jealous, where is this heaven that has all these classics lined up? an auto auction?
Streetside classics, Atlanta GA. Yes its a muscle car heaven for sure. I had to get out quick, to keep any cash!
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Just a parts hauler!! Lol. Love the square bodys!!
For sure...Those two you have there are awesome too Matt!
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