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Passenger door glass replacement

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A PDR man damaged my pass side glass in my 22 Super Stock. We were putting in the new glass when we ran into the vapor barrier issue. So thick and difficult to remove. He was told by body shop that barrier is related to the air bag. If so, I am getting into a safety issue and I will be contacting dealer to replace the new mopar window and possible vape barrier.
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I will finish the interior panel install. Has anyone heard of this issue or dealt with it?
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That barrier serves more as sound deadening than anything else. I can't imagine how it's related to the airbags...but I'm not an automotive engineer either.

The barrier adhesive is a MF'er and I've seen the barrier destroyed as a result of removal. As a suboptimal compromise cut the barrier out, cut a line just inside of the ashesive, and then tape it back into place when done.
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Interesting. If your budget and timeline are open-ended then there is no need to compromise on a solution.

Have you contacted an autoglass shop? A body shop makes sense too, but there might be more specific tricks of the trade at an autoglass shop.
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