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Is there somebody there can help me with PCM pinout to a Challenger 2009, 5.7?

Have a company her in Norway that nead pinout chema to find out if there is a fault on my PCM. The dynamo probably short-circuited after a charge when the car was transported from the USA to Norway. All power drained from the battery. Bought a new alternator, and then we found out that it does not charge anymore. The suspicion is now on PCM and we must check this by measuring all circuits. the company has taken a passive test and it looks good. But they need to get on with connecting power and canbus to PCM to measure everything they need to know if charging does not give pulses from PCM. Need then a complete exploded view of PCM. Thank you very much if you have information for me or know of someone who can give us that type of information.

The PCM are a Motorola T05187912AB
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