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PCV Leak?

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150 miles on odo.



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Questions. This location should be vacuum normally right? And makeup side for crankcase pressure. So it is odd to me to see oil mist residue there. For both reasons i.e. a leak well shouldn't residual residue get sucked into intake, (normally I know under at high rpm this side can see pressure and briefly for other reasons) and why so much residue, and how well is the design of the separators in the rocker covers really working. Does that seem strange to you? Kinda does to me but I understand if a leak was there when car shut off gravity would naturally cause it to settle there. What think?
very slight vacuum (caused by air filter restriction). not sure why so much residue. haven't had the chance to disassemble so I can inspect and learn.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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