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Curious to know if anyone is running a Pedal Commander PC 31 throttle controller in their Demon, and if so, what's been the experience? I have the usual concerns about it throwing codes and getting a Check Engine light as I've read about in some posts. Just trying to shave a tenth or two at the strip with my basically stock Demon...
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I read up on the PC brand before on forums and on youtube and seen them give issues and codes there and also with some (but not all) for my mopar friends. I got my self a generic brand for my previous charger for half the price and was flawless! I know have same one hooked up to my HC just cause but its usless cause I'd spin....let alone on a demo!...I betting you wanna use it to decrease the response than Normal rather than increase the response ;) .Zero issues functionality wise though..
I have a generic one but off Ebay, bought for about $140 that works flawless on my 19' Redeye, just use it to quickly change throttle sensitivity here and there depending on driving type and mood. I tune my own car and have looked at the Demon ECM file and don't see anything that would cause codes by using one of these devices. There isn't much difference in the majority of the Demon file vs. Redeye f ile.
I honestly don't see where this device could possibly make your car run faster at the strip. About (5) of us race hellcat variants here weekly and know these cars well, any of the throttle enhancer products are going to make the car "feel" more lively on the street and do have a very positive affect on the driving exeperience of a stock car since stock cars tend to be "soft" in throttle commands; however, none of these products make the car faster and/or will result in lower ET's at the track.
very true, however it might be worth while to experiment setting the throttle response to even less sensitive than the nutral setting for much better launches ;) however some units have that option to go below and some don't
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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