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People Walking Away From Custom Hellcat Orders

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Interesting Video 馃 good points made

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Do you think that if enough people backed out and they have inventory sitting, we could renegotiate our purchase for MSRP or below to keep the order? That would be something to leverage in 8-12 months when they finally deliver the car.
I think that it's possible as long as enough people would do it. You get quite a few peep's that are Blessed enough to be paying cash for their Cat's, so interest rates don't apply to them and also just want the car that they are waiting for. I hope that enough people would do it and basically tell the Greedy dealer's to go pack sand and then make them do the right thing because they can't sell their cars!

It probably won't happen but one can Dream! :)

I like to see them have to wait to sell them and have a lot full too because that's what they get for being so darned Greedy and taking advantage of our current economic situation!

I understand that with an ADM added that they aren't holding a gun to folks heads to make them buy a car but at least be decent about it! Treating a customer the right way now is a Great way to build a long term client and get even more sales by way of referrals. They still make money at MSRP, just not as much as with that free ADM money!
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鈥漰ack sand鈥

I had to look that up in the dictionary

鈥淭he term "pack sand鈥 is sometimes used when someone is completely pissed off at someone else. They are hoping and wishing that this said person would experience the most uncomfortable, irritating, violating and very painful feeling up inside their anus cavity Similar to having someone pack beach sand forcefully into their rectum.鈥

This makes no sense. The definition makes it like someone else does the packing. But the term itself sounds like you are telling the person (the salesman in this instance) to pack their own rectum full of sand. Which no one would ever do鈥
It's a figure of speech that has been around a Long time and is a nicer way than telling to go have some anal with themselves (I'm not going to say the curse way because I don't want to go to banned camp or break any forum rules).

If you think that the dealership adding an ADM on top of what I consider to be a substantial amount of money for a Hellcat isn't "doing some packing to the consumer", then you must be one of the peeps who has extra money to give away. Consider the ADM sand and that the dealership is doing some packing too with the ADM. By telling them to keep their car, now you are doing the packing and returning the process!

I might suggest that instead of giving it to the Greedy dealer, that you find a worthwhile charity to donate it to and let it do some good!

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Are people really financing 100% of any luxury vehicle?
In this instance only a fool would not put down enough to cover taxes, ADM and the immediate depreciation. I won鈥檛 finance more than I could dump the car in a day or two if something terrible happened.
I would assume that anyone with the wherewithal to buy a 100k car would have the wherewithal to pay for it.
I know there will be exceptions but probably not enough exceptions to move the market values. I can however see many of these cars not being taken when the time comes 9-12 months from now because life just can change in that amount of time.
If interest rates go nuts and starts killing deals I could see Chrysler financial offering 鈥渄eals鈥 to help the dealers out. If too many cars are not taken a LOT of people will walk away from their down payment to save the ADM and the dealers will take a bath.
I don't understand how someone would pay the ADM in the first place! I also think that it's Stupid to help the dealers out with financing deals for selling cars that could've been sold at sticker but weren't sold because of being Greedy (ridiculous ADM's)!

Whether of not the Manufacturer's realize it or not, those dealerships reflect back on them by being a representative and by not stopping them from adding ADM, shows that they can't control their reps. By giving financing deals will help sell cars, but by offering them is like rewarding a child for bad behavior and telling them that it's alright, we'll bail you out!

What they should do is find the greedy dealership's and cut their allocations. When they've proven that they can be good representative's of the brand (no ADM's), then they can get back on the allocation list.

Just a thought!

I'm thinking POUND sand would be more recognizable.
You're right! I got my adages mixed up! Thanks for the correction! :)

Also, Sorry SickToo but Thanks for the "Pack Sand" Definition and in a way your definition still fits what the dealer adding the ADM can do with their car!
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Well, dealerships are privately owned. They aren't corporate franchises. There's only so much they can do. The manufacturer, like Ford, can try and curb price gouging, but for every dealership they penalize, there's 5 more that do it anyway. Once the dealership takes the car into inventory, they own it. It's their property. In most cases, they can sell it however they want.

And usually, the high ADM dealers that regularly do it are also high volume sellers. So, it usually pays for the manufacturer to turn a blind eye. Even in today's modern tech world, most car buyers are stupid and don't know just how bad they're getting taken for a ride... or they buy into the shpeel, "In these times, everyone's charging a premium. It's just how it is." But luxury/high performance vehicle markets are different. They don't generally follow economic trends and are typically insulated from things like high inflation and so on. That's because most buyers in this bracket aren't affected as much as the folks who generally buy in the 15-25k bracket. Spending an extra 10 grand for someone who makes 300k per year is not the same as for someone who makes 50k.
Good points and all True but it doesn't stop it from making it wrong!
See, I'm a pure capitalist. It sucks when it's something you want, but in spirit, I don't have an issue with it. The market will bear what the customer will pay. Luxury buyers don't place the same value on a dollar as others do. A single mom with 2 kids values a dollar a lot more than someone who has 50 thousand of those dollars sitting in the bank making interest. As such, those buyers will just as well over spend on a car if it is one they have to have. They might go, "Ah, this price blows" and try and negotiate on it, but if it is something they want but have to overpay to get it, they'll do it. These overpriced cars aren't intended to be sold to common people. They're being sold to the people ringing their phones off the hook from 5 states away looking to snag an available car in the spec they want.

Case in point, at the height of the Great Depression, one of the most beautiful cars ever made was laid down in the form of the '36-'37 supercharged Auburn Speedster. Rich folks scooped them up while the common man was eating lunch in soup lines:

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I get it and agree with you but I just don't like to see Greed and People getting taken advantage of. I also understand that the dealer doesn't have a gun to those people's heads and they know about the ADM up front and are willing to do just what you said. I'm not one of those people because I Hate paying sticker for a car, much less an ADM.

That's just me though!

By the way, that Auburn is a Great looking car!
What鈥檚 wrong with greedy whores?
Why pay more than you have to! Do the Hooker's near you have APM's (Additional Pimp Markup's) too?
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