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People Walking Away From Custom Hellcat Orders

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Interesting Video 🤔 good points made

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”pack sand”

I had to look that up in the dictionary

“The term "pack sand” is sometimes used when someone is completely pissed off at someone else. They are hoping and wishing that this said person would experience the most uncomfortable, irritating, violating and very painful feeling up inside their anus cavity Similar to having someone pack beach sand forcefully into their rectum.”

This makes no sense. The definition makes it like someone else does the packing. But the term itself sounds like you are telling the person (the salesman in this instance) to pack their own rectum full of sand. Which no one would ever do…
I'm thinking POUND sand would be more recognizable.
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We have the same "free health care" here in Canada. I only pay 45% income tax so I also have to wait 24hrs in emergency and surgeries are 3-5 years out...

Exactly, there's no such thing as free health care.
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What if? Dodge decides to continue the Challenger Like the TRX and the Hellcat Durango. Some comments were made at Barrett Jackson about Dodge not killing the hemi and another challenger in the works. I have no idea, but interesting to think about
Wont happen. At least with the current HC engine. Emissions regs are tighter for passenger cars than suv's and pickups. It's the only reason the TRX will live on a little longer.
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Not disagreeing, but Mustang is going full speed ahead with the V8 and talking about putting a new big block 6.8 all aluminum V8 In. The Camaro continues on in 2024 with the supercharged V8 engine and general motors is developing a brand new small block V8 gas engine. Some speculate that the EV cars will allow an offset for the V8.
Why can’t Dodge pull something off?
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