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Petition to Dodge

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Dear Dodge,

If you are listening and are viewing these boards, I have a lot of questions that I would like to have answered by someone in the know. As I have stated many times before, I understand that a car of this caliber is not going to come out as quick as we would all like, however, a little clarity in this process would be appreciated by me and I know many other Hellcat brothers and sisters alike. Here we go:

These are simple questions meant with the best intention for all....

1. This dealer allocation process is as clear as mud and here is why I say that. A local dealer here in Dallas has had MANY allocations as they are a large dealer. I don't understand how they have had several 'Cats come in UNSOLD, let me repeat, UNSOLD with a $10,000.00 mark up with no budging. Why is it that I placed a deposit on 8/9/14, ordered on the first day, 9/9/14 and I am still waiting for and "allocation" and a VIN. This is a SOLD... I repeat, SOLD ORDER to a customer yet I feel as if I am off in purgatory simply because I'm subject to this dealer allocation process. I'm sure you are aware of how all buyers feel about dealers and the car business in general. This does not help their cause nor does it do any favors to Dodge.

2. Why not abandon this allocation process and the the orders as they came in? Certainly this would or could avoid dealer gaming and keep they buyer more informed by possibly allowing us to know our place in line.

3. Buyers of vehicles like this are your brands greatest advocates. As you know, this car will allow many of us to play with the big boys which from what I understand was one of the biggest points of this car. I've been in this forum for a little while now and have read many frustrating stories from people you have guaranteed sales from. Why not make the customer your advocate rather than the dealers? I could easily drum up business for any Chrylser product and refer them to the dealer I use, and I'm no salesman.

4. I am not made of money and sitting and waiting for someone to say to my order "so let it be written, so let it be done" has made me put a lot of other financial decisions on hold. I make sound financial decisions and this is what is allowing me to buy this car. Whether I finance or pay cash, you have a SOLD CAR. Please, can you be more transparent with this process? The Hellcat team are bright individuals, I'm sure they anticipated a flood of orders... Just like what happened. Help us out!

If anyone else has any more questions to add, please do. If anyone out there has a line to someone at Dodge that will listen, please pass this on or let me know how I can get these questions and concerns answered. If anyone from Dodge reads this, I would love to hear from you.
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All they have to do to satisfy most of the people here is get them a VIN and an approximate build date. You ould be surprised how much complaining would die down. So excuses about parts and so much demand are BS. If they said Mr. B, your order was placed in Sept. we are running approx 6 months so you should see it by April just as you ordered it, and here is your VIN. Who would be complaining?
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