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Pic request for color combo

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Hey guys, anyone have pics of hellraisen with red interior? I'm so curious how it looks.

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When I go to build and price the combo is there yes. I've seen a challenger with it but not a charger. I have a 15 challenger Hellcat, but need to go to 4 doors and am considering some color combos.
It's an available option, as I almost ordered it on mine. Luckily, the dealer had a car with that color interior on the lot and I noticed it isn't very red (in the Laguna... it's more red in Alcantara). Either way, Hellraisin is a very deep dark purple and the red looks silly. The Laguna Demonic red is kind of burgundy. I'm personally not a fan of that color, as it reminds me of GM Buick granny interiors from the 1980s.

To put it in perspective, purple and red go together about as well as yellow and orange, and blue and green. In my opinion, black is the way to go. Sepia wouldn't be horrible, but I don't like the tone of the sepia on a dark car (aside from black). Now, if they offered a deep saddle brown... that would look stunning IMO. But they don't so I went with black Laguna.
Ahh good to know, my challenger currently is black with the red alacantara interior. Love the interior so much, but hate black as the exterior for a daily driver. If the newer interior is more burgundy, then I may just stick with black interior instead going forward.

Now I'm torn for exterior between hellraisen, sinamin stick, octane red and indigo blue lol. So many decisions.
Yea, I think I'd stick with black and do red belts. Narrowed it down to either hellraisin, black interior, and brass monkeys, or sinamon stick, black interior, black wheels. coming from a black car that always looks dirty, I worry if hellraisin will to. Sinamon stick jumps out to me, but idk how it'll look with red calipers. I don't want to pay 600 to change them orange or black, but I don't want it to look silly either.

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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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