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Pirelli 315/35-20? Do they really exist??

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My first call to buy two of these from Discount Tire reveals they need to call Pirelli because they don't have any in N. America! Give me a break! So hey, posting this up, anyone know where two "Y" rated tires like this are at? I'll buy them NOW. I guess IF we find them we also have to buy into their run flat option also. I am good with all of that but hey Pirelli if you list a tire please make them available! I'll post up the results of the search later. If those don't work, we are looking into Michellin, but my problem with them is they don't make a 275/40 for the OEM front size. Any other size don't match the 315 ride height. Anyone have another sticky idea, because I have about $5000 in wheels coming to make this thing a sticky road machine.
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When I went for 315s Pirellis for my 13 Camaro SS... I was told that they stock them for Ferrari. (Serve as Ferrari warehouse in North America) The inventory was low so the ones they had in stock were "fenced" for Ferrari owners. I thanked the sales person and then immediately sent a blistering email to customer service. Fortunately I got some consideration and they agreed to sell me two the next day.
I can't comment about them on my Hellcat... I have them on 13 Camaro SS. Unless it is warm weather... the Camaro simply blows them away when the boost hits ~3k RPM in the first 3 gears. So they aren't drag radials. Now when it is warm (and with suspension changes I made... solid bushings etc) the tires hold up well on the street. Haven't tried the strip yet.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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