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Pirelli 315/35-20? Do they really exist??

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My first call to buy two of these from Discount Tire reveals they need to call Pirelli because they don't have any in N. America! Give me a break! So hey, posting this up, anyone know where two "Y" rated tires like this are at? I'll buy them NOW. I guess IF we find them we also have to buy into their run flat option also. I am good with all of that but hey Pirelli if you list a tire please make them available! I'll post up the results of the search later. If those don't work, we are looking into Michellin, but my problem with them is they don't make a 275/40 for the OEM front size. Any other size don't match the 315 ride height. Anyone have another sticky idea, because I have about $5000 in wheels coming to make this thing a sticky road machine.
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If you don't want a drag radial and looking for a sticky road tire Nitto NT05 200 tread wear rating like the pirellis ? Problem same for me I can't find the 275/40/20 Anywere backorder :(

NT05 Max Performance Tire
I saw your post on the wheels yesterday. I have not heard from Bismarck, but he told me they were going to cut mine right after yours. FYI I ordered a different finish/color.

I have the Nitto DR's on my stock set. I am going to keep those for racing. I really don't like the DR for everyday use. So I was trying to save a few bucks for the first time, reuse the Pirelli tires off my stock backs for my new fronts and put the matching 315's on the new 10.5". We shall see what happens. Discount is researching Pirelli today and if they fail, they are going to look at Pilot Super Sports. I see nothing that works up front, but I will let them think about it. They said another guy with about 600hp tried the Nitto Invo. He immediately wanted to trade them in, not the expected traction FYI.

I may look at the other Nittos, thanks.
I talked to him yesterday both sets of rears are cut and they were cutting the fronts then polishing and powder coat we should get them next week if all goes well. It's a pain to find tires for this car !
I've ordered a set of Nitto NT05's and they make a 275/40R20 for the front. And I'm going with the 315/35R20 for the rear. Both tires are listed at 28.62" tall so they should match up well. I hate seeing a rear tire that's shorter than the front.
Where did u get your NT05 275/40/20 at ? I can't find a pair Anywere :(
I just got offline with them and place a order for the 2 275's they are due in stock 4/21/15 just in time for my wheels. Thanks
My front NT05's shipped out today from Discounttiredirect :D
Update, ..... search for them on the Internet several can be found. I have a set of two 315/35R20 P-Zero's on the way to my home!
DG glad you found your tires mine shipped yesterday should get them tomorrow :D Just in time now see if we get our wheels this week talked to Bismarck he said they were going to lighten the wheels a little more said there was still some meat to trim. I told him to leave some fat on mine as I will have a 900+ hp HC one day. Here is a teaser pic :)
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