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Please Help... Dual Fuel Pump Question

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So I just installed my dual fuel pump, and the car fired up. The only problem I see is the 2 blue wires on top of the hat, in all of the pictures I see a factory looking plug on them ( shown below), I have already contacted HHP for an answer but if someone has a quick response as to where I splice the blue wires into (which wire on the factory harness) it would be super grateful.

Thanks in advance all !!!!
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Thanks guys for your input, got it wired up and car runs fine. Only issue with a full tank it’s showing 3/4, I’m going double check the wiring, everything rang out with my tester so kind of in a big question right now... will post results ( maybe it can help someone out )
Mine has been showing slightly below full since my install. I haven't spent anytime yet troubleshooting. I may this weekend. Did you come up with anythng?
Ya I figured it might be hitting something. Just been to lazy to remove. It is just barley below full. I’ll do it this weekend or maybe tomorrow. You’d thing I’d do it only will take 20 minutes.
but hey nice seeing you 😜

simple as that the float hanger was stuck on one of the pump connectors. I lifted the connection and put it towards the rear of the tank and the float seemed free. Yes I turned the key to accessories to make sure the connections were reading correctly, and just like magic I had more gas than when I parked it. 😂😂😂😂

So hopefully this post will help someone else out there, I know there was a lot of issues out there with this happening.
Darn this means I have to spend 15 minutes pulling the seat and taking the lock ring off. But hey glad you figured it out. I will be doing the same this weekend I guess.
Where you able to get to it yet?
I did. I haven't filled it up to full since tho. Most likely this weekend I'll get it to a pump.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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