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Please Help... Dual Fuel Pump Question

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So I just installed my dual fuel pump, and the car fired up. The only problem I see is the 2 blue wires on top of the hat, in all of the pictures I see a factory looking plug on them ( shown below), I have already contacted HHP for an answer but if someone has a quick response as to where I splice the blue wires into (which wire on the factory harness) it would be super grateful.

Thanks in advance all !!!!
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They are from the fuel level sending device. This diagram is looking into the stock factory fuel hat, see where the level sensor wires are in each corner? They go to these, polarity doesn’t matter. Disregard the yellow highlights, that was for someone else
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If you had a replacement factory plug those 2 blue wires would be in these locations to plug into the factory harness. Rick at Tapped Performance makes the BEST kits, you could have had a totally plug and play no splices or cutting/splicing anything factory quality installation using his stuff. This is a custom harness he made for me so I can plug his original pump leads into my new Steve White dual 295 pumps in a stock hat/tub setup with no splices. Yes, he made me a harness for a competitors setup, like I said, GREAT guy to work with. What ever you need he’ll do.
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16GoMango, how do you talk people into making you custom stuff.... you silver tongue devil.. :)
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Mine has been showing slightly below full since my install. I haven't spent anytime yet troubleshooting. I may this weekend. Did you come up with anythng?
Sounds like the float is hung up on a wire or something and can’t move. You may have to remove the pump assembly and check it
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