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Please help. New redeye charger makes soft “clunk” noise every time car gets started.

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Before I take it to dealership (don’t really want to do it to a new car), maybe someone can help identifying what makes the noise. My 2017 cat didn’t have this issue. It’s a soft clunk, coming from behind me, seemingly on the left side. Most of the time I hear it right after I start the car, but sometimes it happens later. Only happens once per car start. Nothing is loose in the car, I checked, plus most of the time it happens when car is motionless. Any idea, please?
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Do you get the clunk if you just turn the car to the "RUN" position without starting?
No, it clunks right after the car is started
Quite certain it is the active exhaust valves. I can also hear this when I come to a stop as well once in awhile. I'll bypass them one of these days and find out for certain.
Yes, if I don’t get it right at the start it happens when I come to a stop
Mine has done this, twice, only when hot.
I noticed, that when the car is hot, it happens right after the car starts. If the car is cold it happens later on a trip, usually at a full stop
Quite certain it is the active exhaust valves. I can also hear this when I come to a stop as well once in awhile. I'll bypass them one of these days and find out for certain.
Do you think if it’s active exhaust valves, it needs to be fixed or it’s not really a big deal?
Not to be confused with the front 2 piece front caliper reseting at complete stop. That’s more of a click.
The best I can describe the noise, it’s like when doors get locked, similar sound, just softer, not as pronounced
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Are you sure it is not the hvac system with a blend door or ac compressor engaging?
Try it with ac on and then with everything off.
I will try, but the noise is coming from behind driver seat on the left, like around the tank or left rear wheel (unless my ears get fooled, which is possible)
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Well that is not ac.

Exhaust valve
Fuel pump
Evap emissions canister
Given the possibilities, the main question I have is, can I just ignore it? If it’s a huge deal (safety issue), I’ll take it in, but if it’s a minor thing, I’d prefer my new cat not to be a subject to dealership poking.
Probably a dumb comment, but I'm good at those:

You do realize the doors automatically lock and unlock depending on speed and gear selection, right? I assume you know this and ruled it out, sorry.
Yes, I ruled out that and something loose in my trunk. It’s very consistent. Happens ONCE per car start. When car is hot happens right after engine starts. When car is cold, it takes1-2 minutes of driving and happens when I come to a complete stop.
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I am glad you posted this. I have the same issue with my non-redeye hellcat charger. I’ve had it 2 months and now have 1300 miles. It’s a very strange sound. Doesn’t appear to hurt anything but it’s annoying for sure. I will probably just take it in soon.
If you happen to take it in before I do, could you let me know what they think? Thank you
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So, stopped by my dealership today. Started describing the noise and was told right away it was active exhaust baffles. They were 100% sure and told me the noise is a known thing, but some cars have it loud some don’t. I was told even if they were replaced chances are the noise would still be there. Guess I have to live with it. At least I know what it is.
p.s. I just realized that I can check if they were right. In track mode baffles don’t close, so if I start cold car and drive in track mode, then the noise should not be there (please, correct me if I’m wrong).
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Bad news. Started the car this morning, put in track mode right away. 1 min later same noise. So I don’t think it’s an active exhaust baffle. I’m back to square one. Unless track mode didn’t keep exhaust fully opened (which I doubt based on the car sound).
Ok, went to another dealership today. Makes a huge difference to hear it from outside. Apparently the source is located upfront on the left side. 99% it’s this solenoid that makes noise. When you put your hand on it you feel how it gets activated? The problem is it’s mounted right to the body of the car (see picture) making the noise very amplified. My 2017 hellcat didn’t have that part. Now the question 1) Is it working the way it should? 2) is it mounted properly? I couldn’t get answers at the dealership, the didn’t know.
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