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Isnt the Whipple 3.0 5800.00? Is this the 2.4 or 2.7? I mean people asking 5 to $8,000 for a used factory blower I get it to an extent but common sense is if someone's going to drop that kind of coin why not get something more efficient that will have better gains.
Some (not all) that wanna race and leave others thinking their car is stock would buy a ported stock blower. May seem like a bad investment given your point above but if done right, can hustle some people out of some coin.

That is, if the blower wasn't gloss black and the engine bay didn't look like someone threw weekly paychecks into it.


Could be trying to maintain a warranty and without dodge knowing its ported (Doubt they'd ever crack the snout off if they heard a bad bearing noise or something). Idk just guesses at this point. Its pretty, goodluck with sale OP someone will snag it.
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