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Portland International Raceway roadcourse 7/29/2016 video

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Heres a video from Portland International Raceway, the event was put on by SCCA called Track Night of America. Friday July 29th 2016
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Oh, and, Traction Control Full Off.
I'm going to super glue that button down so I don't accidentally end up driving in girl mode.
Honestly, that looked frustrating to me. You were held up a lot by slower traffic. That was the Intermediate group?
Oh, and, Traction Control Full Off.
I run with TC in Track mode. It still let's me kick it a little sideways but helps me to not do something really stupid.
Lots of traffic in general last night 22 cars I think in my run group.
I'm willing to take the risk of swapping ends, traction control is unpredictable and invasive, I have no idea how it works or what all its doing or when. Nor do I care to learn aka I'm not asking for a technical explanation of it. I'm looking to feel the car and its tires in the corners and when I've run with traction control it makes the experience coming out of corners clouded with uncertainty. If the car is faster one way or the other I don't care about that either, I also don't care if I'm not driving fast enough to find out if one way is faster than the other.
I may run the traction control in the rain. As it may have saved me on two separate occasions this last spring from spinning out. But then again, I wouldn't know if it did or didn't, its only speculation and algorithms.
The SRT pages load about half the time in my car, how do I know the traction control is loading every time? wait don't answer that, I don't want to know. None of these statements make me an expert on or in the car, nor at the track, just my needs.
I'm in it to get a truly visceral experience, 707 HP, six gears, 4450 pounds and 4 tires.

Vanishing Point - with a modern forced induction fuel injected overdrive trans independent suspension and giant brakes. No More, no less. Wait, I wish it weighed the same as a 70 Challenger, I guess that would be less, wouldn't it?
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Looks like a fun track. I go by there when visiting my mom. Been there for an autocross a few years back, but never gone around the track.
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