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Powder coat supercharger lid

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Has anyone had to powder coat their supercharger lid?
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Chris, I had the same problem with the sticky stuff and rubbed some finish off.
I used a high heat paint and it actually turned out good.
Pulling that lid off isn’t hard, but, you have a sensitive paper gasket and all the bolts have a torque pattern.
You might try the high heat paint first. If you don’t like the outcome, pull it.
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I agree, if you want to take the SC off.

I wouldn’t do anything but powder coat. Way more durable for the environment it’s being used in.
paint will work but won’t stay pretty as long in the heat. I know the heat paint will work for you but powder coat is alwa my 1st. Choice for durability
just my .02
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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