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Power Adders

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Ok guys needing some help for my TRX. I have already order some parts but I’m trying to get a grasp on the pulley system and it’s a little different for me since I come from the turbo world. I’m hearing different story’s on what’s better, meaning the upper and lower pulley. Is it better to just change the upper, or just the lower, or both.
The parts I already have are:
Id1300x injectors
Killer chiller
180 Thermostat
Jlt catch can
Now none of this is installed yet, but the catch can, but I’m just waiting on some info about what pulleys to run. For a tune I will be doing a 93 pump gas tune and also a E85 tune. I do appreciate the help in advance, thanks again guys.
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You're aware you're modding your warranty away? Some people don't realize it until it’s too late. Just throwing it out there.
Should be some good intel here for sure to help you with your build.
Yeah, but you're modding a first year production vehicle. They almost all have problems that will need that warranty. If you mod it, that P1400 code will cause the dealership to basically put you on ignore. It could cost big money.
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