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OK I finally got around to finishing my distribution block.
Now I have a safe and protected 30 amp connection split into a 6 panel fuse block.

I started with a 10 gauge wire and put an inline 30 amp fuse at the battery. I ran the
wire with the main power wire under the rear seat and across the door under the carpet, up the passenger side of the dash. To do this I removed the glove box, the glove box dash base, all the passenger side molding from dash to the rear, rear seat, and the center console.

You could probably do it without tearing the passenger dash completely apart like I did
but there were no diagrams so I wanted to be careful instead of trying to work in a tight
and dark space. There are ALOT of wires under there and there isn't much play so be
careful not to unplug something.

I will not go into step by step because it would make for an even longer and boring post, and I doubt many will want it anyways. If you have questions I will do my best to answer them.

In a nutshell the 10 gauge wire runs to a relay. The relay runs to the fuse block and I
tapped into the cigarette lighter to get the powered switch line required for the relay. I
cut the fuse block down to fit in a project box, mounted the relay to the outside of it
and placed it in a large open space to the left of the fan motor.

To add addition taps such as for lights all I have to do is drop the fabric cover under
the dash, retrieve the box, and add another fuse and power line.

I will at some point be going back in so I can add some switches, a built in inverter,
swap out or install my own led lights and several other special projects.
But god only knows when I will get the time.

You can find high res versions of these photos as well as a lot more not seen here by going to my imgur account.


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Nice work
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