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Power predictions

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Hey guys so I just recently got a 2017 charger hellcat, and so far I’ve installed a jlt cai, 2.75 upper, 10% lower, catless mid pipes, got a ported throttle body, and, fic 1200 injectors(cus I plan on going full e85 later). The car is going into Monday to get dyno tuned and I’m really anxious about what it’ll make. Any of you guys with similar mods think you can give me an idea of where it’ll be, a few people told me mid 700s and others have said it’ll be in the low 800 range but I dont think it’ll make that much on 93. Idk much about these cars all I’ve had before was mustangs and camaros so I’m not familiar with hellcat mods and power levels
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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