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PPF and insurance.

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Anyone call their insurance and ask if the PPF would be covered? I called Allstate and they gave me a total non-answer and said it’s up to the adjuster. I’ll have to call the national number and run this down. My total PPF on the car is around 4k.

local agent seems to be incompetent. Even asked about adding it as an aftermarket part they said they don’t do that and it’s up to the adjuster?
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This is a complicated question as it could depend on the scenario. There is what your insurance will cover if your at fault and what another parties insurance will cover if their insured is at fault (and if you insurance would cover the gap) and what “company” your insurance policy is under in that state (are you in a premium company or a high risk company).

Some insurers, like USAA, cover up to 5,000 in “upgrades” with out any policy changes / declarations. Some insurers won’t cover any upgrades without a declaration / policy update with a reciept. Some won’t cover any changes at all.

Net is most insurers offer endorsements that provide supplemental coverage for modifications and aftermarket components - the questions you want to ask your agent is if they have an automatic modification amount they will cover (like 5,000 in upgrades), if they need evidence of the change in value to get coverage for modifications, and what they consider to be a modification. Most of these insurers don’t know cars, car culture, or car terminology - sadly they are worse then most dealers. If they give you info and it’s still not clear, consider using terms like “vehicle wrap” vs PPF or calling the call center vs your agent.
Hope this helps…
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I have a Guaranteed Value (formerly Agreed Value) policy with Hagerty and the Guaranteed Value is the total of the sticker price of the car plus the cost of full car Xpel PPF.
That’s exactly what I have now. Just so much easier. I worked for a large insurer for 8 years. Never underestimate their ability to decline any payout on coverage you think you have.
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