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PPF for new jailbreak

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I want to get this car PPF filmed. It’s a widebody if anyone doesn’t know.

I know at a minimum I need the front bumper done. How is the chipping on the hood, front fenders, mirrors, and flares? Would you guys suggest putting PPF on all those parts?
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2022 Charger SRT Jailbreak
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Maybe a misunderstanding here? I meant I would PPF the entire panel that has the stripes, not just the stripes. The front bumper which does have stripes is getting PPF as well.

How will that look weird to have PPF over the entire panel that has stripes?
On my current Charger I had my guy cut the stripes out. The carbon fiber stripes have a matte appearance and the film would make the stripes appear glossy. The film also didn't adhere well to the texture of the stripes. I figured the stripes are decals and provide about the same protection.
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