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Procedure for fuel line recall

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Hi all,
Has anyone actually seen or read the procedure to fix the fuel rail . people have been telling me there is no way they can change that line in the car without popping the supercharger. As others have said it looks like it can be done without, but I was wondering if anybody has actually read the process that Dodge recommends for changing or repairing it.
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Supercharger stays on I will be doing every hellcat recall that comes in
Thanks , that's what I thought . is it possible to list the official procedure or is that confidential. I have a debate going with some friends saying there is no way without popping supercharger or making a huge mess of that line and seals. My car just got fixed and released from hold and they're really giving me a hard time about not taking delivery because of the recall and possible problems blah blah blah
Sorry I cant. I got in trouble for posting vins to help in tracking already
Totally understand, thank you for at least verifying that the supercharger stays in place per dodge update.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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