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Project vehicle

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Hey there. Just joined. Purchased a 2018 Hellcat engine, complete blower to oil pan putting in a 1990 Dodge D250 drag race project. Will be looking for engine upgrade advice in near future.
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Cool project. I would say the biggest consideration with the motor/blower is heat. You need to figure out a way to keep it cool pass after pass. Is this a bracket car or a heads up racing type car?

Unfortunately, from everyone I've talked to about meth kits on PD blowers, it is very complex to set up on a PD blower, but if this is a drag car, you could probably figure something out???

Can you run straight meth. That would keep it cool for sure. Don't know if that's an option.

I have never run E85 but that would help with cooling, wouldn't it?

My experience my hellcat the last two years has taught me that heat is the biggest issue with a PD blower.

Don't know if my response was much help, kind of just a bunch of questions, ha ha.

So what's the build, 9" diff braced, TH400? Transbrake?
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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