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ProMod at the motorplex 2022

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Friday night

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Had to go to speed to determine #1

Woulda been a sick side by side
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Building Sky Cloud Automotive tire Vehicle

Vehicle Car Tire Automotive design Asphalt

And it’s officially over

Mighta been different if RS wasn’t such a pussy. Didn’t even show up!
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Can’t believe Smith wouldn’t even try? And he’s prolly gonna give up the second place money. Wth? When I won my first national championship I showed up having to qualify #1, win the race, AND have the then current points leader not be in the final next to me. Qualified #1, beat the points leader in the second round (or maybe it was the semi’s?), and won the race : )

Nothing like that first one. That feeling when the win light came on. I love drag racing. RS just looks at it as a business. Or maybe as a game?
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