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Pulley & Tunes E85

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I've searched with no clear answer. I'm Thinking about running a 91 pump gas tune and E85 tune with a pulley swap. Has anyone done this? Essentially I would have 2 tunes and 2 different pulley sizes. Thinking 2.85 griptec for 91 and 2.72 or 2.75 for E85. I plan to track it occasionally and would like the higher power for those days. Let me know your thoughts.
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Yes many have done it.... Thats exactly how it should be done. On 93/91 No smaller than 2.85 With E on 2.4L Hellcat blower you can go as low as 2.65 keeping the Blower RPM within reason... All this with stock lower balancer.... Don't forget to Pin the crank

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Do I need to switch belts when switching between the two pulleys?
curt is who is doing my tuning now.
ive spent a small inheritance on the old girl so I elected to get the weak part of these motors behind me. Parts are in the machine shop now with head work, boring 10 over with some head work. I went with Ross custom built pistons with huge ring lands and a set of Awesome Manley rods.
I can throw the kitchen sink at it now. I’m looking at the latest generation of whipped now.
ive spent the piggy bank right now but the whipped and fuel system is next.
shes gonna be strong for sure. I will never go back to gas unless im unable to get the E85R race fuel that’s available here in Vegas For 4.00 per gallon. I was running a 285 upper Dusteroff tuned and the car was fast but I wanted more. Knowing the inherent weakness in these motors with the pistons and rods I felt the need to eliminate that and not be limited on blower and boost issues that could arise.
we should have it back on the street December 10 th or close to it.
So I finally found a shop that will rent their dyno. This would allow me to have remote tuning done. If it would be remote it would be dusterhauff only. I've never done remote tuning so it makes me nervous. How many hours do you think it would take him?
I’m doing the remote with dusteroff and I’m impressed
works like a dream.
he looks at the data and makes the changes as needed as he goes
usually about 3 rounds
3 rounds as in pulls? Did you go flex or ??
I run a 2.8 on flex tuning now, I have a 2.65 for straight E85 and use the same belt.
Did you need an additional Idler pulley?
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