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Pulley & Tunes E85

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I've searched with no clear answer. I'm Thinking about running a 91 pump gas tune and E85 tune with a pulley swap. Has anyone done this? Essentially I would have 2 tunes and 2 different pulley sizes. Thinking 2.85 griptec for 91 and 2.72 or 2.75 for E85. I plan to track it occasionally and would like the higher power for those days. Let me know your thoughts.
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Looking at a future build on my Trackhawk
So. running a 2.85 upper, ATI 10% lower, ID1050X inj., MMX 95mm TB, and 3" cat-back is a very big no on 93??
1 7/8 Kooks long tubes, maybe.

Long tube headers and a 3" cat back on my car, boost dropped a good 2-3 lbs.
Hoping someone that's been there will offer some insight.

I hear numbers thrown around
2.85 upper 4-5 lbs
10% lower 3-4 lbs
Stock motor 11-12 lbs
boost ranging from 18-21 at sea level??

Is all this with stock exhaust?
What do you think the loss in boost be with 1 7/8 headers and 3" cat-back?

Which upper pulley system are you going with?
Probably around 2 psi and you won't gain anything. The exhaust system in these cars has a great flow characteristic, unless you only want more sound. I only did a mid muffler delete which in my opinion makes it sound great.
For pulleys I'm using Griptec 2.75 for racing on E85 and a 3.25 for daily on pump 91.
Lower is ATI 10%. This combo should put ma around 920-930 wheel. I know several cars around here with this combo and there at 920-930 whp. With a ported blower and 105mm throttle body should get closer to if not 1000 whp. In the near future I will be getting a FI Interchiller stage 2 which will keep the power consistent at or above the 1000 whp mark.
I know I can get it there just takes time
Thanks. Trackhawks don't have the same manifolds as the Hellcats, it's a cast log type.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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