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Pulley & Tunes E85

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I've searched with no clear answer. I'm Thinking about running a 91 pump gas tune and E85 tune with a pulley swap. Has anyone done this? Essentially I would have 2 tunes and 2 different pulley sizes. Thinking 2.85 griptec for 91 and 2.72 or 2.75 for E85. I plan to track it occasionally and would like the higher power for those days. Let me know your thoughts.
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Yes many have done it.... Thats exactly how it should be done. On 93/91 No smaller than 2.85 With E on 2.4L Hellcat blower you can go as low as 2.65 keeping the Blower RPM within reason... All this with stock lower balancer.... Don't forget to Pin the crank

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I run a 2.72 hellraiser with 93. However I have two tunes. One limited in timing and one for racing with 104.
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