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Push pin Rivet part numbers and links ( Pushpin )

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While I believe this information to be reasonably accurate, I haven't actually ordered or vetted the information in this thread, proceed with caution.

I will update as members give more info and feedback.

Chrysler # 6503598
Used to hold air splitter in place among other things...
Also some locations inside front fender well

8mm hole, 20mm head, 25mm length(?) Chrysler Push Type Retainers Clips (Chrysler # 6503598) - Package of 20: Automotive (Mopar) GOOACC Nylon Bumper Fastener Rivet Clips Automotive Furniture Assembly Expansion Screws Kit Auto Body Clips 8mm - 40PCS: Automotive (3rd Party aftermarket) Chrysler Jeep Dodge Automotive Push Pin Rivet Mopar OEM: Automotive (HORRIBLY overpriced - EACH!)

(Reference) Oil Change Push Pin / rivet
Chrysler # 6506132 Chrysler side Radiator Shield Push-Type Retainer (Chrysler # 6506132-AA) - Package of 24: Automotive (pkg of 24)

20 Side Radiator Shield Retainer 6506132-AA Fit Chrysler Sebring Stratus 20x17mm | eBay (ebay)

Other references:
Larger bolt to hold on lower, rear shield under engine during oil change
Under-Body Shield Screw - Mopar (6508332AA)

Still looking for p/n for smaller bolt?
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Not quite what I remembered, I got this for some work I did on our Durango... (and the main tool is for a different type of rivet from above...)

AFA Rivet Gun - For All Plastic Rivets - Free Fastener Remover Included - -

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I picked up a package group of plastic tools from Harbor Freight, with slots that fit under the pins for removal.
There are cheap and work fine.
Here: Nylon Pry Bar Installer Kit 4 Pc

I have a couple of different sets like that as well. They're not bad except they don't work inside the recessed holes of the shields (they're too big/wide and don't have the high angle needed...)
Will that tool fit the recessed clips in the front engine shield? Those are a bear to get at.

While it does fit, the angle isn't as sharp as it could be...

Still, it works better than any other one I've got.
Thanks, maybe you could bend in a vice?
Exactly, but I want a second one first. I just keep forgetting to pick one up....
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