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Question about ordering a 2022 Super Stock in Canada

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Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I need some advice from the experts.

I am interested in ordering a 2022 Super Stock, but the Dodge Canada site does not offer the option to build/price one like you can on the Dodge USA site. I have contacted two local dealers, and they both said they "hope" to be able to order in the new year. I emailed Dodge Canada a few days ago and no response.

Considering all the supply chain/chip issues, I am trying to plan ahead so I can get the car in May. "Hoping" to order in January isn't very reassuring since it may take 12-16 weeks (i.e. May) for the car to arrive.

I don't want to miss the boat and end up getting the car in August or September only to have 2 months of driving before winter storage. Want to be proactive and do what I need to do to have the car by May.

Any thoughts or advice? Thank you in advance.
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Hi there, newbie here! Wondering what your status is on your 2022 super stock. I,m in Manitoba and just ordered a super stock indigo blue sepia interior Dec 2. Status “BG” no vin as of Dec 24. What’s your thoughts?
Thanks JLDN stay in touch. Compare status as we wait. Cheers
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