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Hello All,

This is going to seem like a loaded post, it is not meant to be. I have a bunch of take off parts and I am trying to figure out the values for the parts. I dont plan to list them here as I think other sites are better at dealing with shipping and escrow type stuff; namely, ebay.

So, wondering what the real values of the below parts. I know it is tempting to flame a post like this, I would appreciate any real info on the values though as I really dont know.

1. Stock 2.4 Supercharger. Front snout had the Hellraiser Litons pulley walk back into it. Super charger still works at take off time. The front snout needs to either be replaced or rebuilt though. The main box is fine and I can do video of checks being done. I am not sure what the value is on it thoughb.

2. FI Interchillers super charger gaskets ( FI Interchillers Blower Spacer Plate & Thermal Blanket Kit for 15-Current Challenger, Demon, Charger, Trackhawk, TRX & Durango 6.2L ) . All hardware and working good condition. Can not be used with the Whipple Gen 5 3.0 on the Challenger anyways, not enough room under the hood.

3. Stock injectors.

4. Stock fuel pump assembly.

5. FORE fuel rails. These do not work with the Whipple gen 5. Had to get the whipple units. These are also in perfect condition.

6. Factory Reproductions FR70 Hellcat Replica Wheel in Satin Black .Set of two. Never taken out of the box.

7. MOPAR stage 1 coil springs. Used.

8. Stock COIL springs. 4k mile take offs.

9. Stock M6 clutch and fly wheel. I went mantic triple.

Possible a NX plate system with window switch and pod switches may come up to. Mostly curios of what the real world vaules of some of these parts are right now. I know what they cost 2 years ago before supply line stuff and covid. Just not sure of what I should be asking right now. Again, I do not plan to list them here, money and shipping is easier on ebay for that. JUst looking for help in getting a rough idea of what the parts are worth. I honestly do not know what a good FAIR price is right now. Market is kinda nuts.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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