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Questions on repairs after accident plz!

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Hi, in January I posted on here after I got TBoned looking for some help with issues I was having. Back again after I got my car back from repair shop after 8 months. Anyone know why when I close my door that got hit would sound hollow ? And loud as heck driving at highway speeds? I have so many issues with the car besides this it’s unreal. There was structural damage done to car as well. The list goes on but I brought car back up to body shop three times now since getting it back and yet nothing gets fixed. I don’t think the car will ever be the same, had it looked at by another shop that said my cars body line is not lining up right which is causing a big dip in my hood, door not shutting right, widebody fender has big gap on one side, sunroof doesn’t work properly and many more things. So I’m just asking for advice on what would cause door noise and is that correct about my cars body line not being right? Thanks In advance !
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Without a thorough visual inspection no one can fully diagnose the issues.I was a licensed insurance damage appraiser for many years. Depending on state insurance laws you may have other legal rights.If the car truly is not repaired correctly and you have paid the repair shop fully.You do have other options.PM me if you like.
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