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Ok, so been getting some logs out of the car. Its not tuned yet and has the mods listed below.

1. Long Tubes
2. High Flow Cats
3. BORLA Cat Back
Nothing else right now.

So, in my logs which I did not do before doing any modifications I am seeing upwards of 1 volt on the knock sensors once I get up around 3-3.5 k RPM. The Short Term Fuel trim on the passenger sides seems a bit off from driver side but I do not know enough to know if its normal to see some variance. I have constant issues with the rear O2 sensors.

Just wondering the following :
1. Whats normal for voltage levels on the knock sensors to see on a long tube header car or even stock?
2. Do the rear O2 sensors play any part in timing and fuel trim settings or are they just for smog?

I can post a log if anyone cares to check it out.
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