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Quick question re OEM Mopar rotors

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I know that some new rotors come with a coating that is meant to be left on and the brake pads wear it off.
Other rotors come with a coating which must be removed with brake cleaner prior to installation.

OEM Mopar Brembo rotors for Hellcat are which type? The pad contact surface looks flat gray, not shiny...

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Hey thanks, guys. I can get a picture tomorrow...
The rotors look like the AeroF16 setup. Gray coating...

The rotors come in a vacuum plastic (+ in a box) so they're not exposed to air...
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I'm going to put Power Stop Z26 1405 pads on too- there is a specific pad bedding procedure that they recommend.
It's not an overly aggressive procedure, but I thought the Dodge manual was more along the lines of what Blickie says... Pros, cons to bedding in as stated on the pad instructions??

Thanks, again for weighing in Blickie, and yes, 112# torque applied and rechecked after 50 miles.
Going to clean off the paint on the sides of the pads...apply high temp silicone on prescribed surfaces...
Been reading up on lol!
Ok, makes sense.
Thanks again!
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There are plastic "bubbles/ creases" and cardboard along the edges of the rotor- no damage as it looks like at first.
Gray coating all over the pad contact surface...
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