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Race Star wheels and tires

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I recently sold my 2018 Challenger HC and went back to stock before I sold. Purchased a 2019 Redeye wide body and as result I am selling my wheels and tires.

Local pickup in central Florida.

2x-Race Star 20 x 6 with bridgestone 195/50R 20
2x- Race Star 20 x 9 with Mickey Thompson Street Comps 275/40R 20
2x- Race Star 17 x 9 1/2 Mickey Thompson ET Street SS 305/45R17

All 6 wheels have been powder coated dark metallic gray with metallic flakes
All have TPMS valve stems, lugs and hub centric adapters included.
Used the 20 x 9 and 20 x 6 for street driving and then swapped out the rear to the 17 x9 1/2 for drag strip.
10 passes on the ET Streets and about 10k miles on the the street tires, all are in good shape and plenty of life left in them. Total cost for everything including powder coating was $5,200.
Asking $2,250 for all six.
Please disregard discussion about the drive shaft and Tazer, had them on this post but sold them already, this post is for the wheels and tires.

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So I put about 10k on it and when I first installed it I had a slight vibration so I turned it 180 at the transmission and smooth as can be after that. Stock hp but rated to 1,000 by G Force, IMO it would not be the weak link , probably the half shafts or diff. I did have a 3.09 gear and running drag radials so I really just put it in to be safe, also have a drive shaft loop for it that I could sell with it.
All the hardware is included.
Well if it doesn't sell quick I may reconsider and I will let you know....where are you located?
Well I really would only part with it if it made selling DS easier. I did not list it in the post for sale because I had planned on keeping it but if I change my mind and decided to sell it I will let you know for sure. Thank you for the interest.
I guess I can, let me check on the shipping cost to you and I’ll let you know. I still have the original box to ship it in So that helps.
Looks like FedEx can do it for $56.48 and if I ship on Tuesday it would be there by end of day Thursday.
That doesn’t include any insurance though.
Let me know if you want to proceed.
Just PM me and I will get you payment info.
The rate with it insured for $1000 is $67.98. , I won’t ship with out it. I deal with so many shipping damage in my work that I just don’t trust them.
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Sounds good, just let me know. I'm in Little Rock, Ar 72223
Thank you Doublewide for quick payment and great communication….A+ member
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Thank you Kholmes7 for buying the Burn Box ,bypass cable, and aux buttons.Fast payment and was a positive transaction. A+ member
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