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Race Week 2.0 completed!

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Spent the last week racing and driving and driving and racing. Car performed well. Ran a PB of 10.77 and averaged 10.8X over the week. Had one stock outer cv axle boot make an exit so we patched it with a tire patch kit enough to stop slinging grease all week. Sway bar was to blame with it hitting the boots while swapping tires. Ordered the DSS 1400HP axles instead of replacing a boot (had to pull the axle either way it seems). Hopefully come next year the car will be lower in the 10s. If you've never heard of the event, 1320video covers most all of them. Awesome event to be apart of.
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talk to me about your trailer hitch! I want to put one on my charger but I'd like to see some photos of your set up if you dont mind
This is the hitch i ordered. Took all of 30 minutes to install. Drop the exhaust and the two "braces" or whatever they are towards the middle of the car so the exhaust can drop low enough. Fish the bolts through, line up the hitch and tighten it down. Helps to have a friend to lift the hitch up to thread the nuts on
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I also ordered some Airlift helper bags to stop the tires from bottoming out on the wheel well liners. Ran them around 39psi. Worked out great and had no issues. I used a cargo carrier vs a trailer simply because of time. I will have a trailer next year for sure.
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Have you raced Finnegan yet???????? View attachment 603071 I've done a receiver hitch on this and my 392 Charger and LOVED it!
Didnt see a single other charger racing in the event. A couple of people following us around though. Lots of challengers though. There was a procharged 392 that was pretty quick but they ended up dropping out. I believe i was the fastest modern mopar there.
That is awesome! I’ve followed it with 1320video. Would be cool to experience it one day.

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100% recommend trying it at least once. Pretty much everyone we talked to were awesome. Lots of really sweet looking cars too.
when you get a chance could you snap a couple of pics from the back
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It also doubles as a super convenient jacking point now lol
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Nice! I might have missed it, but what are your mods?
Not much powerwise. SC spacers, 180 tstat, and running an MS109 tune. Ive spent more money on the suspension. Diff brace, cradle lockouts, viking shocks out back, "demon" springs, 1 piece DSS aluminum shaft. I have the 1400hp DSS axles coming Monday. I usually get my cars to hook consistent and then start adding power.
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