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Race Week 2.0 completed!

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Spent the last week racing and driving and driving and racing. Car performed well. Ran a PB of 10.77 and averaged 10.8X over the week. Had one stock outer cv axle boot make an exit so we patched it with a tire patch kit enough to stop slinging grease all week. Sway bar was to blame with it hitting the boots while swapping tires. Ordered the DSS 1400HP axles instead of replacing a boot (had to pull the axle either way it seems). Hopefully come next year the car will be lower in the 10s. If you've never heard of the event, 1320video covers most all of them. Awesome event to be apart of.
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talk to me about your trailer hitch! I want to put one on my charger but I'd like to see some photos of your set up if you dont mind
What next? A luggage rack, maybe?
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