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Racing Helmet/gear recommendations?

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I am planning to do some recreational drag racing and not sure what tips you guys may have on where to buy helmet, jacket or any other beneficial items before racing at break neck speeds ?
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No, they are usually good for 10 years before they require a more recent should be good until 2025.

It 12yrs, My current helmet is a Simpson SA2005 and drag tech has only looked at it like twice since 2005. The tech for the standing mile and 1/2 mile events I've ran did check it.

The padding in mine is starting to dry rot so I've been looking at the Typhoon SA2020 helmets, Not terribly expensive at $165.

Depending on the track, they might let you run with with a M2020, that's a motorcycle spec helmet, the major difference between SA and M spec is the SA is fire rated and impact rated for bouncing of a roll bar. ergo why M spec is a tad cheaper than a SA spec.

If you're stock you probably wont need a fire jacket/gloves but if yer' pullied and pushing 9's, Racequip jackets and gloves are cheap.

Good luck.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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