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Ravelco vs other kill switch

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Looking into the ravelco for extra security for my car… system is about 600-750 bucks.. how is this system better than a kill switch mounted to the fuel line or battery? Trying to figure out if anyone has one ..or if others have a kill switch to a fuel line if that’s the better option?
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Don’t question it. Just DO it! 🕺🤗👍

I paid $550, and did a 300 mile round trip to have it installed.

Great weather, and fun drive too! 🚘
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I could be wrong, but I’ve NEVER heard of anyone doing a Revelco self-install.

I’d be wary of anyone claiming to have them for sale as a DIY.

Revelco takes their proprietary ownership extremely serious.

I don’t think you can even purchase real Revelco decals on the open market.
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The ad for these $100 units clearly states they are “repurposed.” That scares me… could mean many things, and they don’t clarify.

No warranty would be a killer (for me) as well.

On another note, this may (or may not) apply:

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Spend the extra cash and get it done right. These are expensive investments… I’m ok with a little extra to protect them properly. Peace of mind is also priceless.
Yes, “if it sounds too good to be true… Be warned!”

And I just noticed, the decal posted in the ad is “similar” to a real Revelco”… but NOT THE SAME! 🙈

And if THAT’s not enough to make you wonder…THIS was copy/pasted directly from the ad:

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: This product is USED, unless otherwise stated, and does not include any guarantees of condition. Customer is responsible for verifying its suitability for usage PREVIOUS TO PURCHASE. We ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for proper use of product. Areas of wear are likely in our inventory as product was used prior. Item photos do NOT reflect exact appearance of all product inventory. NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS, please CONTACT US if product received was not as described.


No thanks…
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I’d still like to hear from just ONE person who self installed a GENUINE Ravelco as per the true directions.

Haven’t found him yet…
From a $100 Ravelco DIY attempt on sports mobile

I just disassembled a cheap $100 ravelco that I bought online.

It appears it was manufactured incorrectly, and the cap did not match the receiver. (The codes also don't match on either)
I’ve been multi-forum searching all morning on DIY $100 Revelco.

And I DO see a number of people buying them.

In every case, it pretty much stops there. No post purchase positive reviews or installs (except as indicated above).

There are a number of DIY discussions on $100 Ravelco installs…. But they invariably evolve into back and forth product modifications, physical works arounds, and such.

My take?

Either install a cheap well hidden $25 kill switch, or go with a certified Ravelco install (around $500, give or take).

My setup:

Ravelco (installed by Ravelco)

Ameriloc rechargeable portable GPS with cell phone alerts and geofencing)


Passive entry disabled

Two Clubs (steering, and brake/steering)

Home faraday box, and mobile pouch

Neutral pull cover with pinned security torx screws.

Always park theft-strategically

Garage door rope pull disabled

Garage interior monitoring/video/alerts

Challenger usually blocked in by another car

Not al systems used all the time, depends on circumstances.

Then again, my 2020 only has 1700 miles, and 400 of those was traveling to get Ravelco installed.

In extreme cases, I might pull a fuse and/or relay. The only time I did that was on a motel lot overnight awaiting Ravelco

You can’t do everything, but you can do everything you can do! 🤗
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If you are 100% confident, go for it! 🤠

Let us know! 🤗

Why someone would pay $100 for a non-warranted, no return, DIY complex install (to do it truly right)…On such great expensive cars, to “save” a few hundred bucks boggles my mind.

But, it’s your ride! 🤠
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I always enjoy a nice, non-argumentative debate! 🤗👍

But if what you say is accurate, why aren’t the forums chock full of DIY Ravelco installs?

Sorry, I’m just not seeing them.

You are correct though… installing such a device IS beyond my zone of confidence.

Then again. an authentic Ravelco install is significantly more in depth than just connecting a bunch of wires and switch(s).
I’m doing this right now. I have it mounted and am splicing wires tomorrow. I ordered a Revelco from Revelco and they mailed me what I needed. Instructions are simple to follow and install isn’t too bad so far.
Thanks for the continuing updates!

I am truly curious how a Ravelco self-install goes.

Would you provide a Revelco link as to buying directly from them, without Revelco installing it?

in other words, having Revelco ship out the product to a end consumer?

I can’teven find it on Amazon or EBay.

I’ve searched and searched, to no avail. Not even on

Thanks! 👍
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I will finish the install today and let you know how it finishes up.

As far as buying direct you will need to contact Revelco and they may or may not ship directly to you. Normally they don’t and require an install by a trusted installer. This reduces the chances of leaking the instructions and ensuring the “how-to” is not widely known. They verify quite a bit of info before they will send one directly to an individual.
Cool! Thanks! 🕺
One thing really bugging me about Revelco self installs.

If they were so common and straightforward, then platforms like UTube, and car enthusiast forums… would be LOADED with “How to videos.”

I can’t find nary a one.

If someone can find a truly detailed one, please post a link!

On a different note, IF someone can convince Ravelco directly to send them a full proprietary setup (with instructions), what do they charge? And do they warranty it?

A Revelco pro install comes with a lifetime warranty, and significant documentation pared to your specific Ravelco ID number.
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It’s a good thing that there are no videos out there. If there is a lack of information that’s a very good thing. Ensures that thieves can’t easily defeat it. Out of respect for the hundreds of thousands of vehicles out there with this installed, I will shred the instructions that came with mine and not post any details on how it’s installed.

Also if someone finds a detailed install or instructions please don’t share the link. It’s kept close hold for security of those with them installed.
Great idea! 🤗

My only reason to harp on this, is that some think that this is (or should be) a reasonably simple install process…. and why spend $500 -$600 for an authorized pro install.

I’m just trying to explain why (in my opinion) this isn’t so, IF done perfectly right, virtually undefeatable, and stock looking.

My installer (who has done tons of Mopars and others) was very well versed and experienced with these installs.

It still took him just over three hours, and he didn’t miss a beat to think anything over, etc.

Me? Probably take a month, and I’d burn up, or otherwise destroy the car! 🤗

I truly want to hear stories about how these DIY installs went, and how hard it would be for the average mechanical/electrical Joe. Without proprietary details, of course.

And again, what does Ravelco charge for the product, and ship it out without install?

Curious minds want to know! 🤠
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So I will say I paid the same amount I would have had it been done at an installer. There is no savings by installing myself.

It is about a 3 hour job to be done right, clean, and seamlessly. If I was somewhere I could get to an installer I would have over a DYI. Cost the same and those guys are better versed at what they do.
Thanks Ivory! Clears up a lot!

Glad to hear you slam dunked it! 👍

How far were you from an installer?

Don’t know if you’ve read my story:

I pre-arranged a motel meet with my Chicago installer midway between St.Louis and Chicago
(Bloomington, Illinois).

It was a beautiful weather-drive there and back. Longest I’ve had in the 2020 WB Scat to date.

I was fortunate to get a room right over the car.

Still, I strategically parked, used two clubs, had my neutral pull cover, and GPS Americaloc with smart phone notify. Also pulled the fuel pump fuse.

Installer met me right on time, 10 AM following morning and got right to work. He had a nicely setup work table, etc.

I had motel permission, after explaining it was a clean process, no fluids, and was to be far away from the main entrance.

Great two days!

Had a couple race challenges try to get my attention on I-55, but I declined… as always. 🙈
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The revelco is not 5 or 6 hundred dollars for the challenger, it is 800$, according to their price list.
Looks like the price skyrocketed recently (like everything else).

I paid 500 cash (or maybe it was $550?) Sept. 2021

Tipped him another $20 for meeting me halfway for the install.
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