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rear end ratio

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What is the standard and optional rear end ratio for a 2016 Challenger Hellcat with an M6?
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Search dude. You’re asking a question about a 2016 Hellcat.
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A8 = 2.62
M6 = 3.70

Those are the standard and only ratios ever available, there are no optional ratios on 707/717hp cars.

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I’ve searched myself and never got a straight answer. I have a ‘22 Hellcat WB Challenger 717 HP. With A8 transmission 2.62 gear. And Was thinking of upgrading the rear gear to a 3.09 which comes in the Redeye as an option (I think) or standard.
Anyways my question is: Does the speedometer readjust itself after I have a 3.09 gear installed? Or do we have to use a tuner to readjust it? And the odometer will also show you’re putting more miles on it than you actually are.
On the speedo, starting in 2015 the readings come from data supied by the wheel speed sensors so the car can adjust to a gear change and no tune for speedo reading is needed like before.

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Thanks man.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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