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Rear wheel alignment, street, strip?

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Anyone experimented with the rear wheel alignment for the best traction?
I’m just about to do an alignment with aad kit and locked cradle and wonder how much toe and camber moves by a good launch?
Do you just go for the stock settings or do you preset for the presumed movement?
Car will be used on street/strip
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Hey so I have the AAD rear suspension. AAD recommended the following for street strip: camber .2 to.3 positive, Toe neg .05 to positive 1-ish degrees.

Every mm of adjustment moves you 1/4 degree with the AAD suspension.

Mine ended up at the following, camber .4 and .2 positive (didn't have other tabs so had to go with that), and for toe neg .01 and pos.04

Someone had posted this chart below on another thread. As you can see below, the range is fairly wide. My hellcat is driven on the street some, too. It is still within spec according to the chart.

Font Rectangle Parallel Number Screenshot
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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