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Red key vs black key

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Now that some of you have had time to drive this beast I have some questions.
What is the sound difference between the two keys?
Will you drive with the red one or the black one the most?
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I had my cat dyno'd using the black and red key. Black key doesn't sound different but the throttle is delayed. The difference on the dyno was about 180-190hp.

But I am thinking that the dyno tech didn't have the car in the correct drive mode for dyno testing. I was reading in the owners manual and found a section where it says that all drive modes are torque limited except track mode.

Watching other Hellcats being dyno'd on YouTube I have noticed that there are two traction control symbols and an ABS light on while testing. Does anyone know how to disable ESC and ABS where three orange warning lights are on? There was only one light on when this tech tested and I am guessing this wasn't correct according to the numbers put out.

I know if you hold the traction control button for a few seconds it says ESC disabled, but only one light is on. Any help is greatly appreciated.
There is a Dyno video done by Kenne Bell where they pulled a fuse for the ABS before they dynoed.
Thanks for the info. I contacted Livernois Motorsports and they told me that the light will come on automatically. It's because the front tires are static and the rear are spinning for quite a distance. I am not totally sure I believe it, due to the light not showing up during burnouts.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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