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Red leather not compatible with tech group

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Trying to build a Jailbreak and whenever you select the technogy group it deselects the red leather. I thought the whole point of the Jailbreak is to set it up how you want. Anyone know why it does this?
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That is a weird glitch. I see what you mean. It is doing it with any interior color choice other than basic black. It also deselects other items, like the red stripes, carbon fiber inserts etc., along with the red interior. Gotta be a website issue.

May I ask why are you ordering the tech group anyway? They charge you the full price for the package $1295 but all you get is just rain sensitive wipers and headlights? The other stuff is not available with the Redeye/Jailbreak etc. So you pay a ton of money for just those 2 items.

BTW dont select the $99 extra for the red binding floor mats because they come standard with the red interior.
Somehow I hadn't noticed that the adaptive cruise control isn't available with it, I wonder why that is. That was the main reason I was looking at that package.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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