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Redeye pillow anyone?

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Found this while bored at work. Thought it was kind of cool so I ordered a couple lol. Just passing it on in case someone might want one or more so here ya go.

Or this one
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"Are you lonely? Do you have an empty feeling when you get home from work? Well here at Amazon we have sourced and stocked custom pillows! They are made of 1000 count Egyptian cotton and stuffed with hand-plucked Goose feathers from the meanest Geese Canada has. If you like to make things more personal you can get your name on it, or if you prefer the name of that ex you never quite got over! We even will make it body sized so you can be big spoon once again, they come pre-coated with anti-tear material so if you get a little emotional the pillow won't absorb them. Available as a holiday special for a limited time we will assess a small fee and we will put a logo on it from a car brand you no longer own, just so you can remember when times were good!"

Get yours today while supplies last for the low low price of $29.99 and your dignity!
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Damn you, you know me so well. One question, just how many pillows can I put on a couch and bed before it becomes obsessive?
As many that fit with you and the immense amount of baggage you carry with you on the couch simultaneously
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Better off getting one of these:

With Dodge dropping the SRT program and going back to DC these are gonna be worth millions one day : )
Already have a huge red one in the garage.
Just told the wife that I found new pillows for the living room. She said good and that she has been looking for christmas ones. I showed them to her and she laughed and then went straight faced and said, "you didn't order those did you?"
well...did you?

Also, I have a carbon license plate cover for you upon your HOTM winning. Looks like youre the front runner now
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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