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Redeye/Super Stock Acceleration

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You guys may already be aware of this, but I found a pretty cool trick on the SS yesterday. It should be the same on the redeye as well. I never tried this until now though. I set the drive mode to custom, then the traction set to street. Everything else set to track mode. Set as such, from a rolling start (40-50 roll) you can floor it and it hits so hard and fast! More so than any other setting I have found. I have never been on a track. Just street driving. But I saw a drag racer use this set up for drag launching. It works well on the street for me. Again, I never tried this on my redeye, but hits SO hard and rockets away on the Super Stock. Try it. Its a blast. It will jar your teeth and set you back in the seat hard.
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What does your G-force meter read for acceleration when you do this and what tires are you running?
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Stock Redeye Peak-G on stock Pirelli All Season 305 = 1.15g rolling 30 mph acceleration on highway using track mode, i would be interested in your Peak-G reading for comparison.
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