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Redeye/Super Stock Acceleration

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You guys may already be aware of this, but I found a pretty cool trick on the SS yesterday. It should be the same on the redeye as well. I never tried this until now though. I set the drive mode to custom, then the traction set to street. Everything else set to track mode. Set as such, from a rolling start (40-50 roll) you can floor it and it hits so hard and fast! More so than any other setting I have found. I have never been on a track. Just street driving. But I saw a drag racer use this set up for drag launching. It works well on the street for me. Again, I never tried this on my redeye, but hits SO hard and rockets away on the Super Stock. Try it. Its a blast. It will jar your teeth and set you back in the seat hard.
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After further testing/playing with the car, I discovered this set up doesn’t work at all from a dig. Even in the Super Stock (with much less wheel spin than the redeye) when it detects the minimal spinning the computer, the nannies kill power from a dig. This leads me to believe it wouldn't work on the redeye because they spin so much more in the first 3 gears. But man oh man does it hit hard from a roll set up like this on the SS at least.
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What does your G-force meter read for acceleration when you do this and what tires are you running?
Haven’t looked at the meter, but running the SS stock 315 Nitto NT05R’s
Works pretty much the same on a plain old Hellcat too.

Correct...technically. But on my redeye at least, even with 315 NT05R’s, Mickey T’s, 555R2’s etc. It still spun severely in 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd gear at full throttle anytime, all the time. The Super Stock can put down the power much better. So that helps it hook and not be limited because of spinning hard, causing the traction control to hard kill the power. In fact the sweet dream set up (at least in my opinion) would be a computer/suspension programming system like the Super Stock has, that instead of cutting power hard by turning the spark/fuel off (like they seem to do now), it just cut back a bit at the exact millisecond of spin without a hard kill. I AM NOT making a redeye vs. Super Stock comparison here! That would be the perfect launch control setup. It is designed to kind of do that now. But with so much raw power on hellcats, redeyes, demon, SS all these rev so quickly at ***, they hit the limiter and fall on their face with traction control on. So it doesn’t help much from the dig, the settings as I was describing. But man from a roll it’s awesome.
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Stock Redeye Peak-G on stock Pirelli All Season 305 = 1.15g rolling 30 mph acceleration on highway using track mode, i would be interested in your Peak-G reading for comparison.
Ill check it out next time I get her out and play. Never even looked at the G’s.
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