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Racing Gear
- you'll need a helmet (preferable to get a SA 2010 or 2015 helmet) due to the 1/4mi times you'll be running
- painters tape or splash guards on the rear quarters will save you hours of cleanup after racing
- tire pressure gauge
- tire pump (use the one from the trunk) to air up your tires after racing
- rags/wipe downs
- usually, wait until the next day to clean off track goup etc; washing off the wheel wells is easier when things aren't goupy.

- go to a test n tune night to get some practice in and go with other people
- watch a few races before racing
- watch the tree light and how they progress from yellow to green (go on the last yellow)
- avoid water box with stock tires
- recommended rear tire PSI is between 24-32 psi (you'll need to test for best PSI vs traction). A good start is 28 PSI.
- launching the hellcat takes some finesse; leave traction control on for starters
- avoid using launch control (not much time to get this prepped correctly and staged in the lanes)
- for autos; don't mess with track transmission mode and manual shift as you'll likely forget to shift with the initial adrenaline rush
- drive mode - custom - street traction, street suspension, sport transmission (if you use track transmission, leave it in drive and not manual mode), 2nd gear start (after much practice, eventually, take traction control completely off by holding down the center console button)

- if you do a burnout, ensure that your traction control is off (hold down center console button for 10 seconds), after you complete the burnout, put traction control back on to street mode
- when first racing, focus on feeling out traction (don't worry about "racing" the driver next to you; focus on your launch technique)
- autos - brake - use your left foot to hold the brake pedal and right foot for gas to pre-rev to about 1600-1800rpm, ease in the throttle on launch - go full pedal down in 3rd gear as you'll likely not have traction before then
- have fun, be safe (the best mindset is to race against yourself/your own times and to not get caught up with what the person next to you is doing)
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