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Here are some of the setups I prefer:

Drag Racing -
Transmission - Track
Suspension - Street, switch to Sport depending on track conditions
Traction - Full Off or Sport when burning out; then set to Street for a couple of runs to feel out the track, switch to Sport depending on track conditions*

HotRod Magazine Preferred Drag Race Mode -
Custom Mode
HP - 707
Transmission - Track
Paddle Shift - on during burnout, off once going down the 1/4mi
Traction - Sport
Suspension - Street

Road Racing Custom -
Transmission - Track
Suspension - Sport (bumpy track), Track (smooth track)
Traction - Street, switch to Track depending on track conditions*
Track Mode with Traction set to Street; Full Track Mode depending on track conditions

Daily Driving Custom -
Transmission - Track (if manually shifting) or Default (good for stop and go; cruising)
Suspension - Sport (most of the time), Default (bumpy roads), Track (if the roads are very smooth)
Traction - Street
Sport Mode with traction set to Street
Track Mode with traction set to Street

Burnouts -
Transmission - Track with manual mode (auto transmissions)
Suspension - Street
Traction - Full Off (hold traction control button for 5 seconds)

*Sport Traction Setting - turns traction control off wheelspin-wise, but maintains yaw and braking control
*Track Traction Setting - uses traction control to aid the driver coming harder out of a corner without wheelspin
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